The "Why"

Moon Water Botanicals Co. was created as a way to provide products we use everyday, without the worry of harmful, toxic and unknown chemicals. Did you know that the word fragrance can hide a mix of any of more than 3,100 chemicals in your products [source: EWG] ? You won’t find the word “fragrance” in any of Moon Water Botanicals, Co.’s products. Each ingredient listed is organic, dye-free, and non-toxic.

I think it’s important to highlight my “Why”
I’ll give you the full, unedited version, it’s lengthy but necessary. In 2022 we moved into a new house, during this time, a lot of different things started to happen, and I can’t really pinpoint which started first, but my husband lost the ability to smell correctly, his taste buds were meh, his eyes were swollen, his nose was stuffy, almost like he had bad allergies, He attributed it to the possibility of “the virus” aftermath, maybe some lingering aftereffects that were resurfacing with our new move, or it was possibly something in our backyard that he encountered while maintaining our yard. He really didn’t know but it went on for MONTHS. 

I, all of a sudden, developed hives, they dominated my upper torso. They were painful, itchy and had no rhyme or reason as to when or why they would appear. It looked like I had measles but the hives would appear as scratch marks, as though I had gone through a bunch of thornbushes. I had no idea what was happening but it seemed to start soon after we bought our house. I thought the house hated us and was attacking us for living there lol. I made an appointment to see my doctor, I was then referred to a dermatologist who simply diagnosed me as having “chronic hives” but rest assured…shouldn't “last longer than 5 years”. I was instructed to double up on allergy medication, medication that was difficult for me to take because it made me extremely tired and anxious, but if I wanted to be hive-free then that’s what I needed to do. I was taking 2 allergy pills in the morning, 2 at night…and I was supposed to live like a zombie for what could last up to 5 years. Say what?

My toy pomeranian would have these episodes or freakouts where she would run into any dark place she could get to, she would run like her life depended on it, she panted heavily, was withdrawn, depressed, her skin was flaky with dry patches, all these crazy things. I took her to the vet and they suggested anxiety medication because of our recent move, also another medication in case she was allergic to something in the backyard. 

Now, I should mention that since 2014 I have been doing contract work for a personal training and nutrition company with a holistic approach, Integrity Training Systems. So I am not completely oblivious to added toxins in our food, organic vs. non-organic, gmo vs. non-gmo and the appropriate necessities to fuel our bodies. I would often consult with Debbie Morris either for upcoming projects or for my own dietary needs. I learned a lot from her and continue to do so. During this period of my career is when I started paying attention to the food I was eating, how I was fueling my body, what I was putting into my body, I just never thought to consider what I was putting ON my body, what we were occupying our breathing space with, or products we cleaned our home with.

Because of my awareness from what I learned while working for Integrity Training Systems, when I heard about BeautyCounter skin care products I was intrigued. I ordered a few things then decided I would sign up as a consultant to reap the rewards of the discounts the consultants received. I had no intention of selling their products but their business model isn’t designed for a 1 person tier who only purchases a couple of products every few months, so that ended in a short amount of time. But what I did learn while I was considered a consultant was eye-opening. I had no idea about the beauty care industry and the lack of regulation on the ingredients they were allowed to put into their products, how many toxic ingredients can be covered up with one simple word “fragrance” and that we as consumers slather these dangerous products all over ourselves, on our largest organ, our skin. 

Back to pulling in the pieces
My husband and son went to an out-of-state concert, they stayed in a less than desirable hotel that wreaked of stale beer and cigarettes. What my husband noticed for the first time, in a long time, was that he hadn’t lost his sense of smell, he could actually taste his food, his eyes had clarity for the first time in a long time, he wasn’t congested at all…all while staying in the undesirable hotel. When we spoke on the phone he was relieved, he finally felt like himself, but there was obviously something in our home making him miserable. When he returned home, so did his symptoms. I really started to dig into what was different from our last house to our new house, that was affecting us all. Why was he ok in one state and not another? We increased our square footage significantly, we had less wildlife, plants and trees than ever before, things just weren’t adding up. 

With all of these things happening, even with the limited amount of knowledge I have about unregulated, toxic ingredients, not once did I ever consider our issues to be a result of store bought items that we willingly chose to occupy our space with as the culprit. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me that food and personal care items could contain harmful ingredients, pesticides, etc but we would be safe from a myriad of other chemical riddled products aside from those. We had so many new things going on, it was the furthest thing from my mind. When  I heard about a docuseries called “Not So Pretty”, I knew I had to find out more. And I did just that, I settled in for a very eye-opening experience that catapulted the way our family lives and what we choose to occupy our living space with. I suggest taking the time to watch it when you’re fully prepared to transform how you live. There was so much more that I learned that I could have never imagined. It’s a sad reality what companies can get away with and we as humans endure for their bottom line. Educate yourself, do the research, that is how we learn and protect ourselves and our families. 

That being said, this was the ultimate unveiling for me. Everything clicked, I started looking into each and every product we had in our household, not one cleaning product, air-freshener, personal care item, cooking apparatus, plastic food container we had in our house was spared. I got rid of it all, it didn’t all happen overnight, there was tons of research involved that finally led us to our ah-ha moment. 

One of the first things to go was our air freshener plug-ins, which we had spent literally hundreds of dollars purchasing when we moved into our new house. Cute little festive holiday plugin, check. Season appropriate smell to go with it, check. We put them in every room of our house, with some rooms having multiples. That was it. That very thing had us all sick and was affecting us in different ways. It took about 3 months for my husband's issues to fully clear up, it was quicker for my Pomeranian, she was better in under a month, and my hives just slowly retreated. Fun fact, if I walk into the store in the mall that has all the smell good lotions, candles and plug-in air fresheners I get to leave the store with hives.

It took a lot of little steps but we are now all in good health. I started making products for our household, then as gifts and now here we are with a website and everything :) Simultaneously I've been learning more about positivity, the law of attraction, affirmations, manifesting, all the things I have been working on have come together to form Moon Water Botanicals, Co. 

I just wanted to get this out there, if you made it this far you my friend are a true rockstar, I do appreciate you taking the time to learn more about how we came to be. I hope you find that our products align with how you choose to live your life and what you choose to occupy your living space with. I hope Moon Water Botanicals Co. can benefit your life like it has ours and provide an extra layer of confidence about what you put onto your body. 

Take care of yourself. 

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